Is Pages Feature Coming to Blogger?

I think one of the most expected feature that would really improve our blogging experience on Blogger platform would be the “Pages Feature”. I mean, having the possibility to insert multi level pages on our blogs would be great, specially for those who need to write “About” and “Contact” pages.

That feature would “free” us from using posts like pages in order to get the results needed. We will need no more to disable comments and set post dates to the past for making those pages. The best thing is that I just found a good reason that will make you guys excited about: Teasers! 

I was just taking another look at the jump breaks announcement and found something very interesting on that post. Yes, I think Blogger team wants to tease us about a possible feature that may be coming to improve even more our beloved platform. Check the pictures below and see it at your own eyes, in case you haven’t noticed that yet:

Snapshot10 Oct. 05 01.29

Snapshot11 Oct. 05 01.33

This is the image posted at Blogger Buzz that may be a teaser about pages feature… Well I can be wrong about it, it may be just a coincidence or something… But I still believe that it would be too tricky to be a coincidence. So… let’s look forward to it!

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