Interview With Deluxe Template's founder Klodian

Klodian is from Albania. He is been making Blogger templates for a while now, One of the main features of his templates are the simplicity and ease of use. He has a story of success with his website because in just a couple of month he has become one of the main source for blogger templates around.

1. Can you please introduce yourself? What do you do? How did you start with Blogger?

My name is Klodian and I started with Blogger in 2004 when I bought a PC and decided to start a website. Blogger came in handy because I didn’t know anything about sites and I got so impressed when I saw those easy 3 steps to create a blog that I immediately started to fill them out. Since this day I’ve been creating many blogs but never really caring about the content, only for the design.

2. Your website is one of the most visited source for Blogger templates, how did you achieve that in so few time?


I actually started Deluxe Templates a couple of months ago, and now it’s one of the top sites for Blogger templates. I get this question a lot of times everyday on my email, people asking what is my “secret weapon”. I think there is no secret, I just listen to my visitors, I look at their opinions. I make exactly what they are looking for and get good success. Every time I make a new template I think about what my users are in need, that’s it.

3. You seem to convert wordpress themes to Blogger templates in a very short time, can you tell us how do you do that? How is your conversion process? What advice do you have for beginners?

He he, if you take a closer look on my templates, they are actually not converted. I prefer to base on them, get their images (I am not a designer) and make really simple templates for my users. The hard part is to find templates that really can be used by anyone in Blogger, that will be really easy for anyone to install and admin. I don’t look for magazine templates or other kinds of templates because most of the community uses Blogger for personal blogs, so most of my templates are for personal blogs. I generally spends much more time looking for a good template than coding it to Blogger.

6. Who are your favorite "Blogger gurus"? What makes you choose them? What are your favorite source for Blogger things?

To tell you the truth, I don’t really read online, I just check blogger designs. So who do the best designs are the real gurus for me. The first that come in mind is Amanda from Blogger Buster, She is quite old on this, and I remember that I visited her blog for a year, but now I think that she is not spending much time with her blog anymore. Second is Dante Araujo from, I like his designs, and He is a real designer. Third is Aneesh from Blogger Plugins, He is doing such a good work there. For me Blogger gurus are those who spend time with Blogger, those who give everything and are able to make any site on Blogger and never think about moving to wordpress.

7. You do a great job on converting Blogger templates, but don't you wish to do something different ? What other projects do you have?

I do this thing for fun, I don’t really take it seriously or as my main source of income. I can say that I feel good and sleep well when I make a good Blogger template, that should be enough for me. I recently start a new blog called Blogger Showcase and it’s for collecting really good blogs on our platform and categorize them. That’s it, I don’t think that I will have more projects on Blogger, I like to make Blogger templates, that’s all.

8. As you get a lot of comments, you might know what exactly Blogger users need. What are the most frequent requests? What do you think that Blogger platform should improve?

The most asked questions are “How to create pages on Blogger” and “How to install a Blogger Template”. I think the pages feature should be the next feature from Blogger staff. Note that the second question is really simple, most of our users does not have any knowledge in coding at all, so guys, if you make a new Blogger template, please make it as simple as you can, the users will love it.

9. Thanks for your answers, What do you have to say for Bloggertuts readers? What should they expect from you in the near future?

All I have to say is that I will never quit, I mean, I fell really good making Blogger templates and helping my users and I do not want to abandon it.

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Final Words

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