10 Impressive Designs from Blogger Blogs

From the very first day I started making Blogger templates I knew that this platform had a great flexibility when it comes to CSS design. This post is a little round-up with living examples on how powerful Blogger can be if you know how to deal with it.

1. Mike Matas Blog

2. Code-code-an

3. Iconerz

4. Extra Icing on the Cake

5. Packaging of the World

6. Quinto Elemento

7. Dante Araujo


8. Gisele Jaquenod

9. Joao Alvarenga


10. Rames Studios


Final Words

There are tons of examples of how Blogger can be beautifully designed around, I just picked the 10 ones that I really liked when I was searching around for this post. There are two great places where you can get inspiration on Blogger design, they are We Love Blogger and Blogger Showcase.

If you have more suggestions on really well designed Blogger blogs, don’t hesitate to talk about it on the comments below, also subscribe and follow us on twitter.

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